Before You Buy




The items we are selling are of second-hand nature. We meticulously inspect each item, however there may be small stains, pulls, holes and imperfections that are missed upon inspection and therefore not noted before selling. We will do our best to provide photos and notes when an item is not in perfect condition. In purchasing an item, you agree that the item may have imperfections.

As this collection is made up of many brands, we will be listing the size on the tag. Please note that sizes differ from brand to brand. If there is no size listed, we will make an estimation of size. We do not guarantee the fit or longevity of any item. We are not responsible for any damages that occur during shipping or if the item is used incorrectly. 

If there is an issue with any item that you purchased, please reach out and we will try to rectify the issue the best that we can!



Your order will be ready for pick up within 72 hours. You’ll receive an email once your order is ready, and you have 10 business days from this point to pick it up.

NEW* - Pick Up Instructions:

  1. Enter the main entrance of MCC Centre Thrift.
  2. Go to our customer service desk on the far-right side and show your “ready for pick up” order confirmation.
  3. Someone will bring your order out to you shortly.

If your order is not picked up within 10 business days, your items will be restocked. Your purchase will not be refunded.



We have a 10-day return policy for store credit from when you have picked up your order for local pick-ups only. Items must be in their original condition from purchase. Shipped orders are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. 

To begin your return, please email We will schedule a time to process the return within our store hours. 

*The items sold through this platform do not necessarily reflect the values or beliefs of our organization. 



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